Red Castle Create and Print - Getting Started

The program runs from the cd, there is no install.

Each time you insert the cd, the program will start if you have AutoRun enabled, if not you will have to click on "My Computer" and then click on (depending on the operating system you are using) either the cdrom icon, or the Red Castle icon.

Read the license (Terms and Conditions) the first time, and then click on the "I Accept ..." button.

If you have an older computer, do not make the Print Area larger than 4.25x5.5 inches as it will be very slow.

I usually select my shapes, colors, image to use (if using an image), print tile size and shape copy choice before I set the size of the print area.
With a small sized print area, click on the various options and see the effect on the page in the preview panel. You can not hurt anything and is the fastest way to learn how to use the program. If you create something you feel you may want to re-create later, select "File", "SaveAs..." and select and make a directory on your hard drive to save Red Castle Create and Print files, enter a name for this file and click "Save".

Later you can select "File","Open" and select that file to re-load, the program will be at exactly the same point as when you did the "Save As", and you can continue to make changes.

If you use the Save As BitMap or Save As Jpg options, you can not make changes to them when you load them later.

Enjoy and if you have any question email

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